Health Policy Consultancy

Historical report for the Canadian Abortion Rights League: Access Granted. Too Often Denied: Special Report to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Decriminalization of Abortion. With Andrea Knight. Canadian Abortion Rights League. 1998. 

A history of movement to obtain legal abortion in Canada to 1988.

Assessment and Recommendations for Women’s Health Bureau, Health Canada: Health Reform and Women’s Health in Canada 1995. Lead author, with Andrea Knight, Lyra Group. Research and analysis of convergences and contradictions in health reform and women’s health, for the Director-General, Women’s Bureau, Health Canada. Ottawa 1995.

Redesigning an urban & rural health care system in Southwest Ontario: Essex County Total Health System Reconfiguration Project. Co-author with Ted Ball and Liz Verlaan, Health Concepts Consultants. Essex County (Windsor and county) District Health Council. 1994.

Ministerial speeches: Twenty-two major policy speeches for health system reform in key sector of Ontario’s health care system. For Hon. Frances Lankin, Ontario Minister of Health. Ontario Ministry of Health 1991-1992. 

Available on request.

Documentary Film: A Portrait of Nursing. Consultant. Directed by Laura Sky. Skyworks. 1990.

High school educational program materials: 8-Hours a Day Video + Be All You Can Do educational booklet + Organizers Guide.  Ontario Women's Directorate Role Model Project 1989. 

Silver medal Ontario government communications.